Black Lives Matter

Defining Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

Black Lives Matter

Moving from Protesting to Solutions

Every year in New York, there are over 1000 cases of complaints filed by New Yorkers against the police through the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB). These cases differ in nature and extremity. Thus, when Shawn complained to his friend Eric, about an incident that took place while he drove down the streets of Brooklyn, minding his business and acting like a law-abiding citizen, he was baffled at his friend’s explanation of what happened. After crossing the green light, Shawn recounted driving down the street when he was asked to stop by two traffic cops. He was sure he had not broken the speed limit, but he kept his cool, responded respectfully to the officers as they questioned him. They demanded his driver’s license and asked him a couple of questions. Afterward, they issued a ticket. He didn’t understand what offense he had committed, and he questioned it, even filing a case at the traffic court. But Eric informed him that he just experienced ‘racial profiling,’ otherwise described as discrimination on account of race and gender. He explained that he was stopped, questioned, and given a ticket because he was a black man who suspected him of wrongdoing.

This event is arguably a far less extreme case and type of complaints filed at the CCRB each year. More extreme cases of police killing, excessive force, and discrimination are based on race, among others.

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The Incident that Shook the World

From Minnesota to New York, across the United States, in numerous other countries, and on different continents – people came together to protest against racism and police brutality following the murder of George Floyd, who was killed while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers. Since his death, people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders, and economic statuses, from different religious affiliations, and different age groups have marched in solidarity to demonstrate their outrage against this injustice. They ignored the call for social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and cast aside the fear of contamination, to ensure that their voices were heard. For the most part, protests around the world have been peaceful.

However, tensions flared in several cities where police cars were set on fire, and streets were blocked as protestors and police officers clashed. Tensions were indeed high as hundreds of angry demonstrators shocked the White House, and Secret Service Agents rushed president Trump to an underground bunker, where he retreated temporarily until the anxious crowd could be sent away.

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Founded in 2019, D.I.E is a unique operating organization for professionals working in Equal Opportunity, Diversity, Affirmative Action, and related fields. Building on his experience of more than two decades, founder Brian Figeroux, Esq. who has excelled in Civil Rights, Employment Law, Business Law & Development and served as advisor of several Chambers of Commerce in New York City, is taking his work expertise and knowledge to help the public and private sector. Mr. Figeroux endeavors to develop and devise programs where inclusion is instinctive, as Inclusion without Diversity is Inequality, and Equality makes both businesses and government more productive.