5 Destinations For Black Women When You Need A Break

5 Destinations For Black Women When You Need A Break

By Parker Diakite, Travel Noire

As Black women, it feels like we carry the world on our shoulders.

And while sometimes it’s not intentional, we find ourselves constantly wanting the best for our loved ones, our community, our partners, our children, and of course, ourselves.

It’s a lot to carry.

So, when Taraji P. Henson says she is considering leaving the U.S. because it’s exhausting, it’s a feeling we can all relate to.

If you need a break, we curated a list of 5 destinations to travel to. This list of destinations is where you will find some relaxation.

Diani Beach, Kenya

Remember when supermodel and icon Naomi Campbell showed us her home in Kenya, and our mouths dropped? Well, that’s exactly the feeling we want you to have on your relaxing vacation!

Located on the Indian Ocean, Diani Beach constantly ranks as the top beach destination in the world.

Like Black women, nothing in the world compares to the beauty in Diani Beach.

There’s a ton to do in Diani Beach outside of the water. Diani Art Gallery is the first gallery for contemporary African Art on Kenya’s coats and houses fine African Art. Kaya Kinondo Forest is where you can connect with nature. It’s one of the oldest forests in Kenya and is a UNESCO-protected destination with more than 180 tree species.

When it comes to dining, Sails is one of the most stylish places to eat. It’s located on the beachfront inside the Almanara Luxury Resort. The views inside the canopies of the ocean are breathtaking.

Kefalonia, Greece

Santorini and Mykonos are all stunning destinations but when it comes to relaxation, consider Kefalonia Island. It’s the largest of the Ionian Islands group in Greece, and some say it’s the home of Odysseus.

What we love about Kefalonia is there’s still an unspoiled feel to it. It’s an exotic paradise known primarily for its white-sand beaches. Head to one of many “magical caves” that will allow you to soak up the world’s wonders. It’s an amazing way to see the beauty in the world and drown out the chaos around us.

Regarding where to stay, most travelers prefer the capital, Argostoli or Lassi. Canale Hotel & Suites is good in Argostoli. Suppose you want to splurge a little. Thalassa Boutique Hotel is an excellent adult-only option.

While there’s so much to explore,  you don’t want to leave without visiting Myrtos Beach (get there early to avoid the crowds), experiencing Melissani Cave,  and indulging at a winery.

You can reach the island by its international airport or take a ferry from ports in Western Greece.

Keep this ferry guide handy.

Bali, Indonesia

We know what you’re thinking. It’s probably along the lines of, “No, Travel Noire didn’t have the nerve to put overcrowded and over-Instagrammed Bali on the list.”

But it’s a no-brainer as Bali is one of the world’s most peaceful and relaxing destinations.

Bali will allow you to unplug and achieve optimum self-care through spas, massages, and delicious food the destination offers. It’s also not hard to find a community in Bali as there’s a thriving community of Black expats.

Since this trip is all about self-care and celebrating you as a Black woman, be sure to put visiting a yoga studio at the top of your to-do list even if you don’t like yoga or feel like you’re not good at it.

Massages are a must! If you want a budget-friendly option, consider Sedona Spa. If you have a little money to spend, head to Amandari Resort Ubud.

The Yoga Barn is good for spas and a sauna; consider the Pyramids of Chi for what locals call sound healing.

The Maldives

The Maldives is a splurge for a vacation that people typically take for milestones and or big celebrations, but who says The Maldives has to be a trip for a honey or baby moon? Why not make it a celebration for you? Can we coin the term You-moon?

There’s not much to do in The Maldives, so most people go to relax. What makes it different than other relaxing destinations is that it’s sprinkled with a bit of razzle-dazzle we call luxury.

If you plan to splurge, you want to rent a water villa at your accommodation, which is typically the most expensive.

But if you’re looking to save those coins a bit, Gulhi, Maafushi Fulidhoo, and Guraidhoo Islands are more affordable as you can rent a stay with some locals on Airbnb.

Regarding where to spend time relaxing, consider Kuramathi Spa, where you overlook the ocean. The spa offers 3-to-5 daycare packages.

Another good one? One & Only Spa by ESPA. The spa has various services that go beyond massages but where you can get your nails done as well.

Tuscany Region, Italy

When Taraji P. Henson announced that she was seriously considering moving abroad, she didn’t drop any details other than wanting to be called “Bella” every day and drink wine.

It was easy to make the connection that she could be considering Italy, and for a good reason. Italy has so many gems, but for a little R&R, the Tuscany region is known to rest the soul.

Unlike the other destinations on the list, cities in Tuscany, like Florence, attract many visitors. So if you’re not looking solely for a remote beach location where you can lay all day, this is an ideal location for you.

You can take a cooking class, take an art class, learn more about Renaissance art and architecture, relax among Olive trees while drinking wine, and so much more.

Florence is an excellent place to start in this region, but if you want to take yourself outside your comfort zone, consider Saturnia, Chianciano Terme, or Montecatini Terme.

All three cities are known for their spas – especially Montecatini Terme. It’s considered one of the most significant spa towns! What could get better?

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