Uber and Lyft Wage Theft Settlements: AG Warns Against Scams

Uber and Lyft Wage Theft Settlements: AG Warns Against Scams

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By Amir Khafagy | Documented

The claim process for Uber and Lyft drivers to receive their portion of the back pay settlement began on March 7. Following the New York State Attorney General’s investigation on wage theft, on November 2, Uber and Lyft agreed to a $328 million settlement on wage theft allegations in New York State.

To be eligible, Lyft drivers who worked between October 11, 2015, and July 31, 2017, and had deductions taken for New York sales tax and Black Car Fund fees are eligible for a settlement. They can file a claim here.

Similarly, Uber drivers who drove between November 10, 2014, and May 22, 2017, and had deductions taken for New York sales tax and Black Car Fund fees are also eligible. They can file a claim here.

The deadline to file a claim is July 29 and the only way to file a claim is through Rust Consulting, the administrator hired by the attorney general’s office to oversee the claims process and make the payments to drivers.

Rust Consulting began mailing out the claim form to drivers on March 7 and began emailing and texting drivers on March 8.

Drivers will be able to file their claim by mailing back the form they received in the mail or by submitting the form online through the links above. To submit their claim, drivers will need the Claim ID issued in the letter, email or text.

For those families of drivers who have passed away, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance states that the family member in charge of the deceased driver’s estate (“the executor”) can eventually apply for settlement funds, however, the claim form only allows for the driver to complete the form. Family members must contact Rust Consulting before applying.

With the announcement of the settlement, some drivers have reportedly fallen victim to telephone scams that claim to help drivers apply for the settlement in exchange for a fee.

Bhairavi Desai, president of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) has urged drivers to avoid scams that have begun to target drivers and to contact her organization with any questions or assistance.

“Drivers should avoid all lawyers or anyone else looking to charge them fees or take a cut of their stolen wages. Talk about insult upon injury,” she said. “The claim form is very simple, there is no greater recovery to be negotiated for or legal claims to file with regards to the settlement.”

The attorney general’s office also recently issued an alert warning drivers not to share any personal or financial information with anyone claiming to offer help filing a claim for the Lyft or Uber settlements.

Rust Consulting is the only legitimate way drivers can file their claims and receive their back pay at no cost to a driver.

Families of deceased drivers as well as drivers who have not yet received their claim forms can reach out directly to Rust Consulting in one of two ways:

If you are a Lyft driver, you can reach them at 1-800-433-5314 or info@LyftNYAGSettlement.com.

If you are an Uber driver, you can reach them at 1-800-625-2332 or info@UberNYAGSettlement.com.

For additional assistance or questions, drivers should only reach out to the Attorney General’s office or the NYTWA at (718) 706-9892 or media@nytwa.org.

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